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Other Great Communities! When submitting an OC, you must provide download links to the skin, plugins, visualizers, and the default wallpaper shown in your OC submission. t0mmy9 commented Jan 9, 2016 @steventan11 are you using the latest version of the Reader.lua file we've been working on? one step closer! Check This Out

Attacking and bullying is not permitted. Thanks a lot! You won't be able to vote or comment. 123[HELP] Rainmeter Enigma Google Calendar isn't working? (self.Rainmeter)submitted 1 year ago by XLBentoBoxI've been trying to get gcal on enigma to work but I've had no luck. Reinstalling Enigma alone will not fix the calendar. @Gregory2001 you've just shown this is a problem with you PC setup and not Enigma if going to the URL in a browser read this article

Rainmeter Enigma Google Calendar

Reply remixedcat Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016 Professional Digital Artist yw Reply TimmyP777 Featured By Owner Edited May 13, 2016 replace in the iniUrl=http: //wxdata.weather.com/wxdata/weather/local/#No spaces after http: Reply Techminator Rename the current Reader.lua file "Reader.old.lua" (backups are always good). Reply OmbraInvisibile Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014 Hobbyist Filmographer Thank you, downloaded. Notice the time in 3rd row from last.

Thanks. go to C:\Users[Username]\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Enigma\@Resources\Measures 2. Do not troll or bash submitters who do not submit what you would consider "unique and creative". Google Calendar Rainmeter Skin Give credit where credit is due.

Unfortunately this won't give you the time of the events, just the event name. On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 1:53 PM, Gregory2001 ***@***.***> wrote: > What are we supposed to do with this? > > > > > -------Original Message------- > > From: JCHutchinson64 Your post isn't in the New Queue after 10-30 minutes of posting. It's not a Rainmeter skin, nor is it free, but it does a very nice job of presenting calendar information on the desktop.

The background is just an image in Skins/FLaTTs/@ Resources/Images/GCback.png. Rainmeter Calendar Whatever works, then ! Picture slideshows. Anyone want to test and confirm?

Waiting For Data From Web Parser Enigma

Hopefully @t0mmy9 or other people involved with the programming of enigma will have the time and ability to make this work again as it used to. click Reply KroonBerg Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014 Hobbyist Photographer Hi!Fantastic skin, mate!Only one issue: You say you fixed the number of items to 8 in Google Calendar to keep it Rainmeter Enigma Google Calendar Numerous system and network monitors, including CPU, RAM, volume, drive space, WiFi status, IP address, recycle bin state, and more. Rainmeter Ical The only thing i notice is, the "today's" event is missing, it shown up the next events onwards....

iii. his comment is here ENJOY!!|| UPDATE 3 || 10/2/2013 Added a calendar and Google Calendar widget. I also tried using t0mmy's full file, and that had the same result. http://pastebin.com/FY7ZUd8f ghonk commented Jan 23, 2015 @limbenjamin first time I've seen accurate dates since the bug started. Enigma Gmail

Thanks. This script fails whenever the event description reads like "Thu Jan 20, 2011 3pm to Thu Jan 20, 2011 5pm PST" instead of "Thu Jan 20, 2011 3pm to 5pm PST". http://pastebin.com/HwRye6yr in case it is lew101 commented Feb 1, 2016 No problem @kirbyplz. this contact form I have changed the feed to add a month to recurring dates if they are in the past and try to correct timezone issues.

See below for more information.Rainmeter 2.3 RC or higher is required. steventan11 commented Dec 31, 2015 @jayzee2001 and @t0mmy9 , i open the basic.ics in Chrome and it download the .ics file, i suppose this means it's a valid URL... Also *JAXMP for Facebook skin idea.

You can see all the checks being done in the "DefineTypes" function in Reader.lua.

It says "Waiting for data from WebParser". t0mmy9 referenced this issue Nov 28, 2015 Open Google Calendar... #89 jayzee2001 commented Nov 29, 2015 @t0mmy9 , thanks so much for that! I am new to Rainmeter, and all this, so pardon the noobness. mdlark1966 commented Jan 20, 2016 Thanks to all who have helped sort this out.

In this case it may be useful information for the next guy.I recently tried out Google's new 2-step verification process which, if I read correctly, makes your gmail account machine specific. i've gone into mail.txt and changed the username and password settings and tried my name with and without the dots, but it doesn't change anything. The old reader used an XML file which Google unfortunately dropped support for so now we're using ICAL instead. http://pfntech.com/google-calendar/google-calendar-sms-reminder.html A great start indeed as my additional calendars have sprung back to life.

Just a questions, how to edit the event's time/date format? I actually finalized the FLaTTs skin, but maybe I'll dig into it again someday, I'll keep your idea in mind though. sjcliffe commented Nov 18, 2014 Google obsoleted the V2 API spec as of November 17th - https://developers.google.com/google-apps/calendar/v2/developers_guide_protocol I suspect Gcal is using V2 and will need to be updated to use steventan11 commented Jan 12, 2016 This is how my calendar show right now, shown something, but missing something...

Avoid using bland words in your submission's title, like my, new, attempt, try, simply, theme, first, second, and third.