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Google Toolbar Not Working Firefox 3.6

Single line summaries of the extensions and user styles that I use. Also see "Finding a recent web page". (#bfdropdown") Title Bar missing, and loss of Menu bar -- you can regain the title in Firefox 4.0 by displaying the menu bar, and The extension's author and several other authors have removed their extensions from AMO (moved to author's site). Opened Add-ons and disabled Persona. http://pfntech.com/google-toolbar/google-toolbar-not-working-in-firefox-13.html

Text size changed in bookmarks toolbar and search bar to very small Installed FF on a Surface Pro 4; synced; bookmarks toolbar does not display bookmarks, nor can I add to Personasxx might be conflicting with several other add-ons. I had to uninstall and re-install the toolbar just to get the add-on list to display so I could disable it. Bookmarking methods - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Netbooks - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Sorting and rearranging bookmarks - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Viewing the browsing history - Firefox - MozillaZine Knowledge Base Read More Here

I am not sure how it all started, but Forecast Fox and Google toolbar stopped working (or loading for that matter) sometime last week). Support Forum This thread was archived. I followed your instructions to start in safe mode with add ons disabled, then disabled Personas and now my Google Toolbar is back . That's all you get.

Other observations Difference in looking at http://dmcritchie.mvps.org/firefox/code/ in Fx3 than looking atc the same from from local drive, you can see a local drive by pasting file:///c:/ into your location bar. It sounds like your problem is slightly different to the original one. Please re-install the Toolbar" I do not know how to do this == I installed the latest version of Firefox today and restarted my computer Chosen solution You don't say which Google Toolbar, no longer supported by Google in Fx5 and above see Using Google Toolbar features without toolbars Force install for extensions that you are reasonably sure will work by overriding

Looking forward to a solution. The message does not specify which toolbar. Unless they hold your money or confidential material, there really isn't much need for most of them, nor for you to use such sites. npmnqmp 989898989877 Shockwave Flash 10.1 r82 iTunes Detector Plug-in DivX Web Player version GEPlugin Next Generation Java Plug-in 1.6.0_21 for Mozilla browsers 4.0.50524.0 NPWLPG RealPlayer(tm) HTML5VideoShim Plug-In Google Update Veoh

Tried re-installing Google toolbar as suggested but that didn't make any difference. What's the Mac mean to Apple, the Surface to Microsoft? Say next to the search bar. I dont have Google Toolbar.

Fx2 Problem sites (#fx2sites) Link Checks, check how items are opened for some of the sites listed here. https://support.mozilla.org/questions/715951 oldbar only affects the presentation of the results. Content available under a Creative Commons license. As a courtesy to other users and to the person supplying the answer please mark the best solution (or resolution) to your question as solved that addresses your primary question, and

I started Firefox in Safe Mode and the search toolbar still does not work. http://pfntech.com/google-toolbar/google-toolbar-bookmarks-not-working-firefox-3-6.html Updates, update indicates later extension available for Linky but already had that update installed. After fixing your Firewall rebooting might be wise, and clearing cache. I am using Firefox 3.6.6 and Win 7 Home Premium.

I think mine is to do with AVG addons, which are disabled. major problem 3.6.4 and 3.6.6 may be Flash: Slow as a Flash? - mozilla.support.firefox | Google Groups, changed the Flash version back to (third column). See: Troubleshoot extensions, themes and hardware acceleration issues to solve common Firefox problems Troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to fix common Firefox problems If it does work in weblink new in 3.6.4: Firefox/Crash Protection - MozillaWiki and Managing the Flash plugin, isolates plug-in crashes from Firefox, can be removed by changing dom.ipc.plugins.enabled.npswf32.dll to "false".

I keep getting the same message about missing toolbar and I downloaded from Mozilla. Very annoying. Same problem here also on windows xp sp3 professional.

Click and hold on either button also works.

Contact Us Privacy Policy Legal Notices Report Trademark Abuse Source Code Twitter Facebook Firefox Friends Switch to mobile site Skip to main content Switch language Skip to search X Tap here If the search is done via the toolbar the freeze problem is not found. Any attempts to click on any other page or the 'next' arrow results in a little box appearing where you are clicking and then basically nothing. See [[Using the Troubleshooting Information page]] Pinwheels 0 solutions 1 answers Posted 9/19/10, 11:23 AM i re-installed Firefox.

See revised version for Firefox 3.6 and 4.0 -- Tab Color Underscoring active/read/unread (Fx3.6) | userstyles.org, also requires an extension (.xpi) from the bug mentioned in the description. New formats take away ability to compare to another list, wastes more space. (Add-ons pictures [Fx3] [Fx4]) Text Area Resizing builtin to Fx4 but only for multi-line text boxes. To fix it, I ran firefox in safe mode, chose tools then add-ons and uninstalled the toolbar. check over here So until there is something that will make them compatible I'll live without Personas since that's just cosmetic.

Status bar (renamed to add-ons bar), the status reporting, and urls are still not back inside the bar, so you will still need to install - Status-4-Evar restores use of status Allow Firefox/Thunderbird/Mozilla Suite access to the Internet with your firewall [ http://kb.mozillazine.org/Firewalls] Error loading any website Fx2 - menus (#fx2menus) Tools,Options, General is now Tools,Options,Main Tools, Extensions is now Tools, Extremely happy it was not the extensions I need/like!! Both John99 and cor-el helped to solve my promblem.

See TableTools2 extension to copy from Firefox directly to Excel.   MacroMedia Flash (#flash), some run and some don't, solution is to uncheck "obj-tabs" option in Adblock. [ref 2005-10-18][Problematic extension] . Is this a Google Toolbar problem or a Firefox problem. The crap has expanded (also used with, collections, blue bottom area) of the add-on page. If you can open Firefox, opening one time in Safe Mode is now easier in Firefox 4 by using the the "Restart with Add-ons Disabled" to help you determine if the

I am posting this using Chrome. Email a friend To Use commas to separate multiple email addresses From Privacy Policy Thank you Your message has been sent. Support Forum This thread was archived. If it's any consolation Opera's multiple rowed tabs bar is unusable (test at tabs.htm#multitabs_loadtest).

Big problem if instead of context menu you get "A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. Biggest problem is no access to addons, so I can't do any problem solving there. It only states "Firefox is not able to show the toolbar. Restoring the Menu bar gives you back having the title on the title bar so you know what page you are on.