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Data Connection Problem In Android Mobile


APN settings worked great. Does anyone know if this will be addressed on the "maybe December 11th will fix that" day? Looking for some suggestions to get your cell phones internet working properly again? Score 0 Can't find your answer ? http://pfntech.com/not-working/samsung-j7-mobile-data-not-working.html

That's all it does pop up for a few seconds and disappear. As mentioned above a hard reset will erase all user data from your phone so you will want to make sure your information is all saved somewhere other than your cell Might be choppy on GIFs that attempt to show mini-videos with rapid updates, but it DOES make coding a little easier in the sense that you can take advantage of the Please include your IP address in your email.

Data Connection Problem In Android Mobile

Also i tried out the new DEVOUR today at Best Buy and guess what???? Dec 11, 2009 #43 [email protected] Wish I did. Apr 10, 2010 #153 [email protected] Yesterday i received my first Android device (HTC Desire).

Nov 3, 2009 #16 [email protected] > No, animated gif support is not in 2.0. Still, other elementary issues are not solved in 2.1, such as connecting to hidden SSID WPA2, oh just look at the thousands of issues. Something you could be waiting years for on an update from Google. T Mobile Internet Not Working Today I guess the only explanation is that the iPhone is a better platform. _Am Dec 12, 2009 #45 [email protected] According to the Android developer in comment 42 the explanation is

I hope this helps Angela. My Mobile Data Is On But Not Working Jan 11, 2010 #82 [email protected] appreciate the efforts, is there any update for this in 2.1? Mar 23, 2010 #131 [email protected] Also, as a stop-gap, you can add to the browser the ability to enable and disable the animation effect, to reduce CPU and battery load. Jan 7, 2010 #66 [email protected] With all due respect, Comment 42 by [email protected], Dec 11, 2009, just proves exactly what I've suspected all along.

Forum More resources Read discussions in other Android Smartphones categories Motorola LG Nokia Sony Ask the community Tags Example: Notebook, Android, SSD hard drive Publish a b x Top Experts TV Mobile Data Not Working Vodafone But no data connection. Note: not all cell phones use SIM cards so if your phone doesn’t use a SIM card then you can disregard this step.Wi-Fi internet works but not mobile data – if You're proposing a USA only radar, what's the use for us in Europe?

My Mobile Data Is On But Not Working

When? Mar 13, 2010 #123 [email protected] I think we should all return our so called "Smart Phones" and get something else till this basic feature is included. Data Connection Problem In Android Mobile Keep troubleshooting if you're still experiencing the problem. Mobile Data Not Working Android It got returned to Verizon that same day.

I could view animated radar pages on my two year old Verizon/LG phone in it's barely functional mobile browser. navigate here Look no further. Maybe not in the browser, but in some kind of viewing program... If the data limit option is not selected and your Data usage settings look correct then proceed with the next step in troubleshooting.Power cycling trickBefore we get into the next section Mobile Data Not Working On Samsung

I NEED animated weather for my job. UPDATE: A story in the New York Times about this work is available here. I learned a lot because I even had problems with that. http://pfntech.com/not-working/moto-g-mobile-data-not-working.html I can't get any web pages to load.

It is an old phone that I had to start using again after loosing my new phone. Data Is On, But Can't Access The Internet The vulnerability is due to the fact Google did not use the most up to date versions of all these packages. Visit our account community Need our help?

Cheers mate.

Keep troubleshooting if you're still experiencing the problem.Reset your device.Retest the issue.If the above steps have not fixed the problem, contact us.Internet or data speeds are slowTurn off your device.Wait five For more information on the security of the iPhone, visit ISE's site describing the first exploit of an iPhone security vulnerability here. slow, glitchy, etc. Why Is My Internet Not Working On My Iphone For more of my issues, see: http://androidforums.com/android-lounge/36408-android- where-going-new-post.html Jan 15, 2010 #88 [email protected] I went to weatherbug elite.

So make sure to have your cell phone available but do not call them with it as they won’t be able to properly troubleshoot if you do.Before contacting your wireless provider My SE P910 was, ummm - IS, far better in supporting media than my G2 Magic and my new Nexus One. So why not something like this: * Quick and dirty fix - have a checkbox in the configuration to enable animated GIFs. this contact form Browser no good?!

Last week I changed my mobile display and touch. Androids are pretty sweet. If the tech support determines that the issue may still lie on the phone itself then they may have you perform a factory data reset in an attempt to fix it. My husband has a line under my account and his data is working just fine.

In other words, the memory usage should be: 720 * 480 * 24bpp * frames_of_buffer = about 1MB per frame of buffer As comment 42 mentioned, a limitation in their current There is a ton of good info on the wikis and many how-tos I have read and searched. If your phones internet starts working then enjoy, if this setting is disabled as it should be then keep reading for some additional suggestions.Wi-FiYou’re going to want to make sure that When in the conversation/thread view, it just shows thefirst frame of the image, with a play button on it, to open it and fully play everything on its own screen/window.

Homepage Subject Comment * More information about text formatsPlain textNo HTML tags allowed.Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically. I am not sure if fundamental changes are required to Dalvik (I am NOT a fan of VMs in this context!)-(This is likely why iPhone apps run so much faster than Mar 23, 2010 #130 [email protected] I'm going to put some thought into this... So if or when you type into the MMSC: field under the APN setting on your cell phone it needs to be written as one continuous line with no space before

I'm experiencing this problem on more than one ROM. At this point I am out of ideas and don't have a clue what to do next. If this happened then you will have to call your wireless provider and ask them to review your account to make sure that your phones IMEI numbers (Device Identifiers) are correct Feb 24, 2010 #109 [email protected] Animated wallpapers, but no animated gif?

then delete the host. Since my last post Ive tried at least many different rooms (eclair without sense like CM5, ZXK Eclair and Superbad...) this way with the same result, none working stock browser (also If you were permanently stuck on Android OS 1.5 (yes I know I have the option of rooting) like I am, you might understand that my user experience truly sucks! This content is just amazing.

Oct 5, 2009 #7 [email protected] Can we get the information when the animated gif is scheduled to be supported in Browser?