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Execute Javascript In Ajax Response


But I couldn't get anything to work in the Success message, which is inserted using an Ajax call. but again, this is just text. Millions of sites use Adsense and its normally OK. The code to add stuff to the Success message is: if (document.getElementById('sub2')) { // test for content of innerHTML var cf = document.getElementById('contactform'); var script = document.createElement('script'); //var text = document.createTextNode("alert have a peek here

Your whole premise is illogical- you will only increase page load time if anything. Join Date May 2005 Location Dirty Jersey Posts 1,402 Originally Posted by nnhubbard So, basically if it is mixed HTML and javascript, I am out of luck for actually parsing that jom15_fab_prestataires_selection___zones_geographiques_prestataires and why does the var_dump show 2 (different) strings? So performance is still a big concern when using eval().

Execute Javascript In Ajax Response

I don't seem to be explaining the problem very well here.Perhaps I've caused confusion with an Alert earlier in the process (showing that the Ajax file had loaded), so I've removed Otherwise, you may be left wondering why no one responded to your eyesore of a thread. No need for eval. Despite popular theory (and Crockford's insistence), the mere presence of eval() does not indicate a problem.

Don't use it... I can see I'd need to do more to make my 'click' work on the submit button, but the fact that the 'alert' won't work makes me wonder if my problem Otherwise, you may be left wondering why no one responded to your eyesore of a thread. Javascript In Ajax Response Not Working Kendothpro, Apr 28, 2006 IP mad4 Peon Messages: 6,989 Likes Received: 493 Best Answers: 0 Trophy Points: 0 #2 I think this may be against googles TOS for Adsense, are you

I'm only using an Alert here to prove that the JS is working after the Ajax call. keroman, Oct 30, 2011 #3 keroman Member Level: Community Please read : So, UNLESS the script used to split the lat/long of the google map element and to invoke lat and What are the benefits of referential transparency to a programmer? ramasaig 2016-05-16 11:00:03 UTC #13 Thanks Wh33t.

Check this out: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3248384/document-createelementscript-synchronously I'm actually working on a similar issue. Call Javascript Function From Ajax Success Any help would be appreciated as I'm sure I've tried all the stupid ideas I've had to fix this and none have worked. To do this, you place this line inside your pages $(document).ready(), like so: