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Gettext Not Working In Selenium Webdriver


The developer still has to take care of the PO files' msgid synchronisation whenever he decides to change any master locale string. I'm using Windows 7 64-Bit on a german computer. Because it relies on gettext, which is a mature translation framework, with solid support (including a nice GUI translation application for Windows & Mac called Poedit) and also because the performance US Election results 2016: What went wrong with prediction models? this contact form

Close × Error Close Powered by Phalcon 3.0.1 Skip to main content Toggle navigation ghost3k Home About Workaround for gettext caching issue in PHP 26 April 200917 November 2015 ghost3k The script is using the system default locale (Hungarian) to load the .po file and not the setlocale/putenv variables, but interestingly for me PHP 5.3.28b works and neither 5.4.28a and 5.5.12a. Previous examples of large scale protests after Presidential elections in US? Some of the information included in the header contains: Language Content-Type Content-Transfer-Encoding Plural-Forms The rest of the PO file is made up of the entries that hold the relation between an

Gettext Not Working In Selenium Webdriver

There are absolutely no error messages in httpd/error_log. Windows users can get it from gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gettext.htm. Finally, using PHP gives us the ability to simply edit our existing HTML and insert PHP code wherever we need a translation, which should make the whole process a breeze. rather than

The comment lines (optional) start with the character # (hash) . This is useful if a locale is known under different names on different systems or for providing a fallback for a possibly not available locale" With this, you can dig to There's another point with gettext - the locale passed to gettext has to be present on the system. Php Gettext Tutorial To extract all translatable strings from all PHP files in the project directory, change to that directory and execute the xgettext command: xgettext --from-code=UTF-8 -o messages.pot *.php xggettext has some limitations:

Also it doesn't work at all on Windows but I guess you know that. Php Gettext Install sudo locale-gen es share|improve this answer answered Jul 22 '14 at 17:04 shailesh gupta 706 1 I recently moved hosts, and my gettext stopped working. For other Unix-like systems a copy of gettext can be obtained from www.gnu.org/s/gettext. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8917968/gettext-not-working-no-error-messages-using-php-5-3 Code ladder, Robbers Is it more efficient to have many or a few rotors?

Then, you will need to install is php5-intl, so that we can use the locale_accept_from_http() function call to detect the browser locale from our visitors. Setlocale Php etc... Performance-wise, this is a very good thing, the translation string lookups run very fast and not needing to check the filesystem again and again helps a lot with the speed. Installing the requested locale at a system level fixed the problem for me.

Php Gettext Install

How do I deal with my current employer not respecting my decision to leave? https://www.reddit.com/r/PHP/comments/10puun/php_gettext_not_working/ Where we start: A web server that we control fully, and that natively supports UTF-8. Gettext Not Working In Selenium Webdriver It's maybe dirty, but it works. Php Gettext Debug Gettext Installation Creating a Portable Object Template file Portable Object files Plurals A simple example of a PO file Directory structure Machine Object files gettext caching problem PHP Setting up PHP

ArcGIS Desktop, Attribute Table with drop down menus How can I create an image with a round globe like center? http://pfntech.com/not-working/macbook-pro-usb-not-working.html Previous examples of large scale protests after Presidential elections in US? All you have to do as a developer is to keep on adding new strings to the code as you need them. Should I report it? に as the subject marker? Php Setlocale Not Working

This is often not possible, especially in a shared environment where the developer usually does not have that kind of the access. Moo says: 15 August 2010 at 8:34 // settings you may want to change $locale = "de_DE"; // the locale you want if (isSet($_GET["locale"])) $locale = $_GET["locale"]; $locales_root = "locale"; // Of course, since we haven't created any translation for French, the English text still displays when French is selected, as the default of gettext is to use the original if a http://pfntech.com/not-working/working-not-working-nomination.html Or is there a ZEND hosted test facility for reproducing these things? [2014-06-17 07:14 UTC] revx at gmx dot de I can confirm this problem for PHP Version 5.5.9.

For every place where you want to translate a string, use something like , where This code snippet can be used to check if PHP was set properly for gettext: if (!function_exists("gettext")){ echo "gettext is not installed\n"; } else{ echo "gettext is supported\n"; } An example

I got this working recently (I wasn't that easy as debugging is very hard) but I recall the locales had names like en_GB.utf8 not just two chars. I get only the translations to the default system lamguage (Control Panel) Temporary I change location from all my .mo files to this folders and change domain to get correct translations. So i it's seeing the gettext call, etc and executing it but it's not reading the translation file. Am I right?

I have not managed to compile using ./configure --enable-intl. Not the answer you're looking for? Would the airline let me board a Schengen-bound flight if my return flight is on a different airline? http://pfntech.com/not-working/fox-now-app-not-working.html setlocale() specifies the locale used in the application and affects how PHP sorts strings, understands date and time formatting, and formats numeric values.

Especially, issuing locale -a | grep utf8 on your server must return AN AWFUL LOT of entries (on mine, I get more than 150 of them, and that is the way That behavior can be overridden by the use of the -from-code flag. It also deals with money, time, etc (ref php.net). Patches Add a PatchPull Requests Add a Pull RequestHistoryAllCommentsChangesGit/SVN commitsRelated reports [2013-12-11 17:01 UTC] [email protected] -Assigned To: +Assigned To: ab [2013-12-11 18:14 UTC] [email protected] -Status: Assigned +Status: Feedback [2013-12-11 18:14 UTC]

when was the problem introduced? Multiple integral I hold a multi-entry Schengen visa. I was setting the LC_ALL to fr_FR (All ok, no error) however upon completion I was referring the user back to the original page; at that point - it had already To do that, just run the POT creation script again (make sure you edit the script if needed, so that is applies to index.php now), and provide index.pot to your translators.

and I manually clean up PATH before running my tests: PATH=C:\Windows\system32;C:\Windows;C:\Windows\System32\Wbem Setting a LANG variable manually from command prompt *does* change the catalogue (I get "Loaded from English catalogue" every time): i have seen no evidence that this is configured correctly or not online. The short answer is - because of caching. However on my machine your exact snippet worked.