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The lookup array is of the form: PHP code1 23 4array( 'lang_name' => array('extension', 'extension', ...), 'lang_name' ... ); Also, you can use the method get_language_name_from_extension() if you This is just a taste of what you get with GeSHi - the best syntax highlighter for the web in the world! 1.2 About GeSHiPrevious | Top | Next GeSHi started Valid names are those names that are valid for the PHP mbstring library: $geshi->set_encoding($encoding); There is a table of valid strings for $encoding Checkout the homepage of CSS at http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS. 3.4.1 The Overall StylesPrevious | Top | Next The code outputted by GeSHi is either in a <div> or a <

Many customisable features of GeSHi facilitate speed increases, and you can easily find a balance between the amount of highlighting done and the speed in which it is done. Any keyword in any keyword array will be modified using this option! If there wasn't the right way to offer your support for GeSHi yet you still are welcome to help out with the costs of maintaining the website or donate something for I have found that a <pre> results in code that is smaller than for that of a <div>, you should rectify this difference by using set_overall_style(

Mediawiki Geshi

I had posted the last step with

 tags instead of . Adding languages is easy - why not try to make a language file for GeSHi yourself? asked 3 years ago viewed 53 times Related 4Field Validation and Highlighting0Geshi does not detect libraries on Drupal 71Highlight the argument passed in the exposed filters6WYSIWYG Editor with highlighting for PHP This can sometimes be useful (actually it's used to get the plaintext version of this documentation), but more often is quite annoying. 

Billmackenty (talk) 08:59, 11 March 2016 (UTC) At a quick glance, the CSS classes look like they should also be working with the new version... -- 22:40, 31 March 2016 (UTC) Then just make sure you're using the correct class (use set_overall_class() to ensure this) and this should work fine. For example, line numbers look nice, but when you go to select the code in your browser to copy it? Pages With Syntax Highlighting Errors Here are the related methods: PHP code1 23 45 67 $geshi->set_escape_characters_style($styles[, $preserve_defaults]); $geshi->set_symbols_style($styles[, $preserve_defaults]); $geshi->set_strings_style($styles[, $preserve_defaults]);$geshi->set_numbers_style($styles[, $preserve_defaults]); $geshi->set_methods_style($key, $styles[, $preserve_defaults]);$geshi->set_regexps_style($key, $styles[, $preserve_defaults]); $styles is a string containing valid stylesheet declarations,

I think this feature would be cool! Mediawiki Syntaxhighlight Not Working This is done by using a series of set_*_highlighting methods: set_keyword_group_highlighting($group, $flag): Sets whether a particular $group of keywords is to be highlighted There are many ways you can help with the developement of GeSHi. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SyntaxHighlight If your language passes those tests you'll have a good chance of having it added to the official release.

On my system (Ubuntu) it was at /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/Pygments-2.1.3-py2.7.egg/pygments In that folder, there should be a lexers folder where you can add a new lexer, see pygments.org for information on how to Mediawiki Code Snippet If GeSHi does NOT work for you in a particular version of PHP, let me know why and I'll fix it. 2.1.2 Downloading GeSHiPrevious | Top | Next There are several Basically, you can specify an ID for your code and then use that ID to highlight that code in a unique way. the solution here, .mw-highlight .lineno { user-select:none; } on Mediawiki:Common.css, doesn't seem to work.

Mediawiki Syntaxhighlight Not Working

Additionally it fixes many issues with highlighting that people noticed in the language files. At least for the present however, if you explicitly disable the highlighting of a certain lexic, or disable line numbers, the related CSS will not be outputted. Mediawiki Geshi Whitespace is converted to   sequences (i.e. Mediawiki Syntaxhighlight Geshi Not Working by Sheri Bigelow // June 16, 2008 designsimply 4 Comments Hide Comments override No, its not like that..

Since June 2015 it uses Pygments. Some more details can be seen in my blog or in the changelog. This time though no ordered list is used to create an ordered list, but instead we use a table with two cells in a single row. The message key MediaWiki:syntaxhighlight-error-category determines the category name, on this wiki it is Category:Pages with syntax highlighting errors. Syntaxhighlight_geshi Not Working

This extension was formerly known as SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi since it used GeSHi for syntax highlighting. If you got a version of GeSHi you can go on installing as shown below. 2.1.3 Extracting GeSHiPrevious | Top | Next Packages come in .zip, .tar.gz and .tar.bz2 format, so The master branch of SyntaxHighlight contains a very recent version of Pygments, which already supports a number of languages, which had been missing in MW 1.26. In particular, language files are always lower-case, with either alphanumeric characters, dashes or underscores in their name.

Although CSS does provide a mechanism for doing this, it is only supported in Opera versions 7.5 and above (not even Firefox supports this). 3.3 Using CSS ClassesPrevious | Top | Mediawiki Highlight Text Keep checking back - and sometimes new feature plans are posted as news. This limitation has been removed in version 1.0.2 - if you set the ID of a block of code, all styling will be done based on that ID alone. 3.3.4 Using

This note is very important - please make sure you check this twice before complaining about line numbers!

I've found a bug! What do I do? Finally you are asked to tell people about this project to further its use on the web. Mediawiki Extension Wikieditor What is the Code Container?

diagrams in beamer Has a movie ever referred to a later movie? What is the price? Note: Remember that a <div> will by default have a larger font size than a <pre>, as discussed in the section "The Code Container". 3.4.2 Line Number Here are some examples: PHP code1 23 45 67 89 1011 1213 1415 1617 1819 2021 // Simply echo the highlighted code geshi_highlight($source, 'php', $path); // Get the code back, for

What are the benefits of referential transparency to a programmer? After highlighting, you can call the error() method: $geshi = new GeSHi('hi', 'thisLangIsNotSupported'); echo $geshi->error( '''Collapsible box'''

Sohansenit (talk) 11:53, 30 June 2016 (UTC) Extension doesn't work after updating from 1.22.13 to 1.27.[edit] Extension worked fine GeSHi is nothing more than a PHP class with related language support files.

NikusPokus (talk) 11:31, 19 June 2016 (UTC) I wasn't able to figure out how to do this with the bundled version of pygments, but I was able to do this using In the other case though, a <div> is used to wrap the code and linenumbers and the <pre> is put inside the list items (<li>).